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As part of the ongoing effort to create Envision Jefferson 2035, periodically we will be posting links to materials that help explain various planning and zoning concepts or existing materials  related to concepts that are discussed at various workshops and meetings. While many of these can be found in the various pages related to the Brown Bag Lunch and Learn Series (by clicking on the Brown Bag Lunch and Learn icon on the top of the Envision Jefferson 2035 homepage and searching for the topic area you are interested in) we will occasionally be posting additional material that may be relevant to the planning efforts that are part of Envision Jefferson 2035. The first of these tools is the Vital Communities Toolbox created by the Tompkins County (NY) Planning Department. The toolbox provides a brief summary of numerous concepts that have been discussed at the various workshops that have been held so far, at Steering Committee meetings, or during the Brown Bag Lunch and Learn series and could be used as a jumping off point for learning more about these topics.  The link to the toolbox is


Another relevant tool is the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Federal Location Affordability Index. This tool allows you to estimate what your combined housing and transportation costs would be at your location. Yon can either use the preset variables or customize this for your own use. This can be found at:

Finally, there a series of 90-minute webinars sponsored by the Utah APA that provide information on a variety of planning topics. These are archived at:

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Brown Bag Lunch and Learn Seminars now available for online viewing


The Envision Jefferson 2035 Brown Bag Lunch and Learn seminars are now available for viewing on the Jefferson County Website. There are two ways to get there. You can either go to the county website ( and click on the agendas, meetings, and webcasts link. Once on this page, go to the bottom link (Planning Commission /Board of Zoning Appeals Meetings) and click on the link. This will take you to the following page:

Go to the second scrollbar and look for the Lunch and Learn of your choice (or any other Planning Commission or Board of Zoning Appeals meeting).

Alternately, you can go directly to the site by clicking on the link above.

Happy watching everyone, and if you have further questions, feel free to contact the Envision Jefferson 2035 staff.

(Just a reminder, for those of you using Firefox or Google Chrome, please make sure that you have the plug-in that enables you to view Windows Media Player files.)

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DRAFT Envision Jefferson 2035 Plan Available Online!

The DRAFT version of the Envision Jefferson 2035 Comprehensive Plan is now available online! Click Here to see the DRAFT document. Here is the transmittal memo to the Planning Commission from the Envision Jefferson Steering Committee.

The Planning Commission scheduled a Public Hearing to receive public input on July 22, 2014 at 7:00 PM. Should you have any questions related to the DRAFT document, please contact the project staff at or call 304-728-3228.

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Final Envision Jefferson 2035 Steering Committee meeting on May 20

The Envision Jefferson 2035 Steering Committee will be holding its final meeting tomorrow night (May 20) from 6:30 to 9:30 PM in the basement of the Charles Town Library. At this meeting, the Steering Committee will be holding a final review of the Envision Jefferson 2035 Comprehensive Plan before it is turned over to the Jefferson County Planning Commission for their review. While the public is invited to attend and observe, there will be no public comments taken at this meeting. However, there will be a Planning Commission Public Hearing (tentatively scheduled for late July) when the public would be invited to comment on the Envision Jefferson 2035 Plan and a second opportunity at a County Commission Public Hearing related to the Plan to be held in late 2014. For more information related to the Envision Jefferson 2035 Comprehensive Plan, please contact the Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Departments at (304) 728-3228 or via e-mail at

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Charles Town Economic Development Strategy

The City of Charles Town is in the process of completing its initial Economic Development Strategy for the community. This plan will help to direct future economic development efforts at the municipal level. Many of the recommendations of this plan tie into the goals and objectives that are a part of Envision Jefferson 2035. More information about the Charles Town Economic Development Strategy can be found at:{9C410FAB-43A3-4808-BA50-C56B0A4F3A6C}&DE=

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Corporation of Shepherdstown Comprehensive Plan

The Corporation of Shepherdstown has recently released a draft version of its Comprehensive Plan Update for public comment. More information about the Comprehensive Plan, including a copy of the Draft Plan can be found at:

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Envision Jefferson 2035 Steering Committee Meeting on Monday April 28

The next Envision Jefferson 2035 Steering Committee meeting will be held on Monday, April 28. At this meeting, the Steering Committee will be discussing the complete Draft Recommendations for Envision Jefferson 2035. The meeting will be held from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM in the basement of the Jefferson County library. The public is invited to attend. A link to the meeting agenda is at the bottom of this post. If you have any questions about Envision Jefferson 2035, please contact the Jefferson County Planning Department at (304)728-3228.

Agenda 04-28-14

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